We offer a wide range of curtain headings, including pinch pleat, pencil pleat and eyelet.  Have a look in our curtain gallery to see many examples of each style.

Single, double or triple pinch pleats give a more formal look and are best hung on a pole.  Pencil pleat is a softer, less formal heading which also

works best on a pole.   Eyelet and wave headings offer a more contemporary look.

To personalise your curtains, contrast borders or trims can be added.     

Melissa Johnson - front door curtain.jpg

Our curtains have hand sewn side seams with weighted hems to ensure the curtains drape beautifully and the face fabric hems are hand sewn to avoid unsightly lines of machine stitching.  


Whilst we can make unlined curtains, it is not recommended as lining improves the drape and protects the face fabric from sun damage.

Charlie's curtains.JPG

"I'm so pleased with Charlie's curtains, they look great - thank you." 

Mrs W, Maidenhead

We use high quality cotton rich linings, thermal or softly draping blackout linings as appropriate for each project.

Some fabrics, especially lightweight ones such as silk, benefit from being interlined, which makes them look even more luxurious and also increases their heat retaining and acoustic properties. 

Cate Blumenthal - lounge curtains 3.jpg